You're Not Alone

If you decide to blow the whistle, you needn't be alone. Our network will try to give you support, and guidance as to what you can expect from the regulators, media and the legal system. It may be helpful to talk through what you should and should not do to ensure that your action has a definite effect and that you minimise the risks to yourself.

There are extremely important issues you should be aware of when you act; please read our Read Me page before talking to anyone.

Once you’ve made contact and let us know what we can do to help, we may be able to recommend a Consultant Psychotherapist. We also may be able to recommend the advice of our pro bono Legal Counsel, and a whistleblower in your field.

Emotional Support

If you would like to talk with someone in complete confidence, please contact David Morgan who is our Honorary Consultant Psychotherapist. Dr Morgan can be contacted by email: or by phone: 020 7449 0200.