Read Me First

Are you Thinking of Blowing the Whistle?

Most of us have been through the many difficulties and stresses a whistleblower-to-be will encounter. Our main purpose is to advise, assist and provide support to those who want to be most effective in exposing wrongdoing, injustice, illegality and the abuse of power. We do this without charge or obligation of any kind because most of us have been where you are and know the value of help.  

We can help with confidential advice, legal and psychological assistance – most of all don’t be scared, you do have friends and supporters out there – you just haven’t met us personally yet.

Concerns About Security And Confidentiality

It’s important to be aware that many companies and governments employ all kinds of methods to discover people who may have “damaging” information about them.

The level of security that you may want to adopt depends upon the threat that you feel there may be to yourself. This involves the powers of the organisation you’re up against, the importance of the information you have, and any implications arising from it.  

We’ve put together a list of key precautions to help protect you by keeping your identity secret. Communicating on line and sharing documents without do care could expose you. Regulators, journalists and some allies may not fully understand how you could be let down by simple mistakes, yours or theirs. Here is what to be aware of:

In person

The Centre for Investigative Journalism offices, who are helping whistleblowers will announce a new dedicated office the first week in January.

By phone

By all means use the phone but please be aware that certain precautions are important and if your job is very sensitive, these precautions are extremely important. These points below assume you have a highly sensitive job.

Do not use a mobile phone that you have used before, even if you use a 'Pay-As-You-Go' SIM card. The less smart the phone you use, the better. Buying a second hand phone from a car boot sale or suchlike is the best advice we can give.  

Do not use a smartphone with GIS services. If you need to contact us by phone, never use your own landline, mobile phone or any work phone - especially mobile phones issued to you by your employer. Using ‘141’ ‘conceal my number’ isn’t enough - the number is recorded anyway.  

'Pay-As-You-Go' SIM cards and phones can be purchased from local shops for a few pounds; do not register the SIM, never give out the number and use it only for contacting ‘Whistleblowers UK.’ Alternatively, you can use a public phones. 

If you query is not sensitive you can contact us on this temporary number: 07599 763 472 

After you make first contact

A member of the team will assess your situation and advise you. Should you wish to whistleblow, the advisor will discuss with you appropriate arrangements for meeting in person or for sending documents electronically (or as paper). We will, if required, make arrangements for you to disclose your information with a trusted journalist in the safest way possible.