Kim Holt

Kim Holt

How I became a Whistleblower: 

Low levels of staffing, the lack of an open culture, bullying in response to concerns and the use of gagging clauses in compromise agreements; which is now the basis for our campaign

What happened next: 

I experienced massive levels of hostility with attempts to discredit me. I was not allowed back to my post after a period of sick leave that had been caused by the over work and hostility (bullying). I was excluded from my post for over four years whilst my employer tried to force my departure.

What I do now: 

I have been reinstated, into my post. This happened because I refused to give up and eventually it was shown that there had been multiple attempts to cover up health failings with relation to baby P tragedy. The fallout is ongoing. I am now chair of the Patients First campaign to end the use of gagging clauses in compromise agreements in health.

In the Media

The State Versus the Whistle Blowers The Telegraph, February 18th 2013