Ian Foxley

Ian Foxley

Defence: Chairman / Defence/ Ex Army Officer
How I became a Whistleblower: 

I was the programme director for a £1.96bn programme to modernise the communications systems for the Saudi Arabian National Guard Communications (SANGCOM) Programme. I discovered and reported evidence of bribery and large scale corruption in the procurement of defence communications equipment by GPT Special Project Management Limited (GPT), a subsidiary of the EADS Group, Europe's largest defence manufacturer, who were the prime contractors for the programme.

The customer was the UK Ministry of Defence who acted as the interface between the National Guard and GPT and through whom monies were channelled by GPT to secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. I reported the matter to both EADS Group Compliance, the UK MoD and the Serious Fraud Office.

What happened next: 

When I gave the evidence to the UK MoD, I was threatened, by the managing director and HR director of GPT, with immediate arrest and jail in Saudi Arabia. I was accused of gross misconduct by GPT for having supplied the MoD with the (fraudulent) company information and my position as programme director was made completely untenable by the actions of the other executive directors.

I was subsequently dismissed from my appointment as programme director. I took GPT to an Employment Tribunal in London in September 2011.

My claim for constructive dismissal was ruled inadmissible due to lack of UK jurisdiction, citing my appointment as expatriate, despite the whistleblowing declaration being a protected disclosure under PIDA (1998). The case demonstrably showed a gross inadequacy in current employment law to protect expatriate whistleblowers under PIDA and, therefore, the need for legislative change.

What I do now: 

I am currently working in business development for Vemotion Interactive Limited, an innovative software company in North Yorkshire that specialises in live video transmission over low bandwidth networks.