About Us

Who We Are

Whistleblowers come from almost every walk of life and our numbers are growing. Many have seen their work supported by the press and public interest campaigners and organisations. Others have risked a great deal but experienced serious difficulties and personal retribution for exposing injustice or corruption.

We have helped many from the NHS, private medical care, financial and regulatory organisations, the police, the military, government and office workers.

What unites us is that we understand the value of bringing these crimes and abuse into public scrutiny, to hold the employers, the wealthy and powerful to account. And to support and defend those who’ve taken these risks.

How We Can Help

If you are considering blowing the whistle at work, it may be useful to talk confidentially with someone who will understand your situation from first-hand experience.

We have begun to assemble a network of pro-bono counselors, lawyers and other professionals with whom you may also seek advice or assistance. We may be able to assist in connecting you with a sympathetic journalist. For more detail on Advice & Assistance, please go to What We Offer

For sensitive cases where confidentiality is important please see our Read Me section.

The Law

Almost everyone who has blown the whistle knows that we need real legal protection which The Public Interest Disclosure Act has failed to provide. We are committed to seeing new legislation drafted, written in consultation with whistleblowers and which will offer protection to all whistleblowers no matter what industry they are in.

Who Funds Us

To assure our independence we do not accept funding from either national or local government, law firms, banks, business or the media. We are not interested in selling stories or making money from any disclosures (this includes any print, broadcast or online media outlet).

For this reason, we have no association with “whistleblowers' agencies” like “Whistleblowers.co.uk” or other similar commercial organisations. We are not connected to any print, broadcast or online media outlet.

We also have no association with business-financed groups seeking compromise, in-house accommodation and gagging orders, where the whistleblower may be exposed in front of the very people he or she has blown the whistle against.

These organisations frequently embroil whistleblowers for months in procedures with no satisfactory result at the end. Many of these organisations have long-term relations with employers and are seen to be significantly limited by accepting industry funding and, by implication, their proximity to companies and institutions that are widely perceived as not having defended whistleblowers rights.

Many whistleblowers are suspicious about employers making cosmetic changes from the top which don't change anything. For many whistleblowers employers can be very much part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Other Whistler Activities

Court companions

The Whistler welcomes volunteers to accompany whistleblowers to tribunal hearings and employment dismissal cases. If you have some time please contact us.

Support the Whistleblowers Interview Project

We have filmed interviews with many whistleblowers telling the story of what they did, what happened and how their made a difference.

You can visit the page here and learn more about the project. We are planning new films now for the next year. If you feel your story or someone you know might be a good subject, please get in touch.